♪ Baroque-n-Chords ♪ (telemann) wrote in scientificwhims,
♪ Baroque-n-Chords ♪

Any statistics whizzes around?

I got an A in the class in college, but I'm not sure how I would go about getting an answer to this question, or maybe it's a different kind of math.

I'm working on a composer, who I have a hunch, a lot of music for some reason vanished. He wrote 30 symphonies, and there are two unusual compositions he wrote called "Pieces," which have at least ONE movement from the symphonies. I have only looked at one so far, the other "Pieces" may have another movement or several from the symphonies.

Is there a way in statistics to ask a question along the lines: "Out of X movements in the symphonies, and because there are Y movements in the Pieces, it would seem likely that the movements in the Pieces that are NOT in the symphonies are from lost symphonies."

Thanks for any advice or suggestions.
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